Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original): Hit or Miss?


Many of you have probably already heard about Batiste. I however, am late on the bandwagon as I couldn’t find this product anywhere until a while after knowing about it. When I first learnt about this product, I was so hyped that there’s such a thing as dry shampoo (this is my first time buying dry shampoo). The idea that you could freshen up your hair without washing it was mind-blowing to me! I’m a student with a fairly oily scalp, as I have straight, somewhat fine hair. Coupled with being a student, we sometimes just have those groggy days where we can’t be bothered to wash our hair. So upon hearing so many awesome reviews of Batiste on the beauty web and Youtube, I decided to test it out. Continue reading “Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original): Hit or Miss?”

My Strange Obsession: Collecting Business Cards


Most people would probably collect business cards for the purpose of, obviously, contacting and keeping tabs on which services they need in the future. However, read on to find out the other reasons why I collect business cards and what I use them for…

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Why To Do Lists Don’t Work For Me

Ahhh…to do, or not to do. That is the question.

Alright, so I’ve watched plenty of YouTube vids before on how to be more successful, how to stay focused, or how to get things done on time. Let me tell you, as a university student, I tend to watch videos suggested for ways on how to finish college assignments. And most of them have a common element: write TO DO LISTS!

Oddly enough, I’ve tried SO hard to make this method work so many times before. I’ve colour-coded, I’ve written down my entire plan for the day, I’ve written lists the night before. But they just DO NOT work! Slowly, I began to realize why…

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First Time to Krispy Kreme

2017-07-02 07.49.21 1-1
left to right, top to bottom (don’t remember the exact names): cream-filled, maple iced, original glazed, mocha cream filled, cookies and cream, original glazed

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever visited an actual Krispy Kreme store. I’ve had their donuts before but it was always at gas stations (when I lived in Toronto, now I live in Vancouver) so when me and my fam headed over to Surrey, I was super stoked to step into a legit, official Krispy Kreme at Delta. (Also, the last time I’ve tried their donuts was maybe 10 years ago and I’ve completely forgotten how they tasted!)

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How negativity can be positive

Yet again I’m writing another past-midnight post. As I was scrolling through different posts and tweets and YouTube videos, there’s one common theme that’s been constantly recurring: how to be positive.

I don’t know if it’s just my tendency to not conform, but I find that negative feelings aren’t necessarily as “negative” as most people make them to be. In these “how to be positive” cures, people emphasize on ditching negative attitudes and on lifting yourself up. They tell you to stop all pessimism, go out, hang with friends, and travel. But the point they tend to miss is, there are times when I’m so negative that none of those things appeal to me.

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15 Moments When I Feel Old: Perspective of a college student…

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock…

After I started university, there are times when I feel old as I look upon the enthusiastic, fresh-faced high school students who take the same bus as me. Nonetheless, below are some moments of “feeling old”, based on my personal experience. I feel old when:

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Soymilk Cleanser Tonyu Isofurabon (Isoflavone) Review after 3 years

Yes. I added soybeans on the side to match the theme.

I first heard about this brand from Melodee Morita on YouTube a long time ago. She mentioned it a couple of times in her favorites so I was very tempted to try it. The SANA Nameraka foaming face wash is the number 1 drugstore cleanser in Japan (as you can tell by the crown sticker on the cleanser in the photo). I also remembered Melodee translating the red sticker (at top of cleanser) which basically says after using this product, your skin will feel like “mochi” (a bouncy, sweet rice cake treat in Japanese). This was the main selling point for me, because I am obsessed with mochi (the connection of food with products just always gets me).

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Why I Can’t Sleep

Ever have those restless nights where you twist and turn, wanting to sleep but can’t? Actually, this is so common among my peers that asking another question would be more appropriate: Do you ever not have nights where you can’t fall asleep? Soon enough, you’ll find out why I struggle with sleeping.

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7 Reasons Why I Sing in the Shower

Thought this photo of my bath towel from my IG (@florealzz) would be quite fitting for this post’s topic. By the way, this is the Salux towel (from Japan) and works wonders on making my skin feel super smooth (will review in a future post! Not paid to say this haha).

Sure, most people sing in the shower because everyone’s heard that you sound way better in there. For me however, there’s more reasons to it than that why I sing in the shower. I might be overthinking this but read on to find out the 7 REAL reasons why I belt out notes like never before in the shower:

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Muji: Worth the Hype? Story + Haul Review

If any of you follow me on IG (@florealzz), you will have already seen this photo lol


SMALL INTRO: Muji is a no-brand brand which features simple and functional products ranging from stationary, to home furniture, to clothing, to snacks, and to a whole other wealth of lifestyle items.

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